Guest artists

Greetings guest artists!

Welcome to the website of Hook’s Ink. You’re at the right address, we usually have 2 spots open for guest artists. If you’re interested in joining our ranks for a (short) period of time feel free to contact us. Fill in the form and we’ll try to contact you as soon as possible.

Our beautiful studio is the home of seven resident artists, two apprentices and every month we have a different guest artist. We have good conditions and are happy to help out with booking clients and finding a place to stay. Nearby we have a lovely bed and breakfast or some good hotels. Also a pickup from the airport or train station can be arranged. We have had guest artists from all over the world, from Mexico to United states, from canada to Russia or Poland.

If you think you and your work meets our standards, and you are happy to join our team for a period of time, fill in the form below. The team is always happy to meet new people and share knowledge together. The crew will not except drama queens and drinking and drug use during work days. We are professionals and except professionals only.